About us

We are Decorative Solutions

20 years experience providing successful design, design consultation and decorative solutions for Commercial and Residential clients. Specialized area of expertise in faux finishes, textures, and custom treatments, providing an all inclusive beautiful end result in every space.


Susan Newton began this business in 1997 period. As a Mother of 4, children ranging in age from 12 to 2, it seemed to be the perfect way to earn a living and have enough time to continue the busy schedule of the at home mom she had always been. “I feel very blessed and grateful for everyone of my clients, they were part of my ability to provide for my children while doing something I loved.” Susan’s work has become refined over the years and evolved into a timeless classic all inclusive solutions to the interior design needs of her clients. Susan cares about quality and thus only brings quality work and workers into your home.


Susan has enjoyed providing service in her clients homes for more than 20 years. Many of her clients have consistently used Decorative Solutions over and over again. Referring and recommending Susan’s design services to family, friends and neighbors has cultivated a strong foundation of satisfied clients who continue to request her services to enhance their homes and businesses.

Expert Designer

Susan’s twenty years experience with Decorative Solutions, both commercial and residential, have exposed her to a wide variety of circumstances. Thus a wealth of knowledge and ability is successfully drawn from as she addresses her clients design needs.



The interior design of your home and or office creates a space representative of who you are as an individual, supporting and nurturing your goals and dreams. The space you spend time in can and should rejuvenate and inspire, at the same time providing a sanctuary for relaxation and fun. It’s an investment in you supporting your own life’s journey.



Spatial Arrangement

The arrangement of every space creates a feel through it’s appearance. There are many tricks to maximizing the space in a room at the same time as achieving an inviting comfortable environment. Every space has it’s own personality, knowing how to accentuate the positives is of great value.



Color Consultation

Color choice and how it coordinates with the decor and furnishings can make or break your design. Where you place the colors chosen also has an enormous impact on the end result. Choosing the wrong color is easy to do, placing the right color in the wrong spot detracts from the beauty of the room. Call today and get it right the first time!


Why choose us ?

20 years experience providing successful design and decorative solutions for Commercial and Residential clients

Decorative Solutions by Susan Fay Newton were featured on HGTV, in Columbus Monthly magazine and the Columbus Dispatch, have been showcased in Parade of Homes, and utilized in model homes, restaurants, hair salons, office buildings and more than 500 residential homes.

  • “I am an Interior Designer who has with worked with Susan’s Decorative Solutions for many years on some pretty amazing Interior Design Projects. She is so talented both in design conceptions as well as application of faux finishes and finishing touches! She has done whole homes and restaurants as well as smaller individual projects for my clients, always adding much ambiance to the finished projects! What a godsend she has been to my business over the years! Thank-you Susan for making my projects awesome and unique! “

    Nancy D
  • “Sue’s work is second to none. Her passion for painting and her creativity is outstanding. I highly recommend her. I wish I had more rooms to paint! “

    Joanne K
  • “Fabulous experience. Such an Artist. My home looks AMAZING! “

    Judy M
  • “Susan Transformed my newly built house into a beautiful “home” with her creative and God given talents! “

    Victoria G


Our Service

20 years experience providing successful services

Interior Design

$80 per hour (merchandise not included) design, acquisition, delivery (when appropriate), Installation

Spatial Arrangement

The placement of furnishings, decor and accessories makes or breaks the look and feel of a room.

Color Consultation

From $150 per consult depending on the size of the project

Faux Finishing, Painting, wall paper removal and wall repair

Free estimates, priced by the job

We Provide Best Interior Design We Provide Best Spatial Arrangement We Provide Best Color Consultation