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Color consultation is one of the most important aspects of a successful interior design. Color choice and how it coordinates with the decor and furnishings can make or break your design. Where you place the colors chosen also has an enormous impact on the end result. Choosing the wrong color is easy to do, placing the right color in the wrong spot detracts from the beauty of the room. Whether you begin with the wall colors and purchase your furniture, art and decor around it, or use furniture art and decor as your starting you must choose to enhance what you begin with.

Where you choose the color, knowing what colors will be present with the colors you choose, knowing the style and or theme, knowing what you like and what you don’t like all play an important role in a successful design. Color can be tricky because there are many colors with in a color. The colors making up the color will show up in different lights and when placed against or near other colors. You may thing you’ve chosen beige and end up with green, gold, grey, or orange. The same rings true for every color out there, with out exception. Even whites can appear many different colors depending on the lights and surrounding furniture art and decor. Having a color pallet to work with from the beginning is very important. Not all the colors on the pallet will be for paint, there will be colors from the pallet that work better as accents than a wall color. Knowing the difference make an enormous difference in your end results. Invest in your end result from the beginning. Call today and get it right┬áthe first┬átime!

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