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The interior design of your home and or office creates a space representative of who you are as an individual, supporting and nurturing your goals and dreams. The space you spend time in can and should rejuvenate and inspire, at the same time providing  a sanctuary for relaxation and fun. It’s an investment in you supporting your own life’s journey. Interior designs by Susan Fay Newton focus on creating spaces reflective and representative of who and what you’re about.

Many of my clients already have a good start on what they want to do and just need help in making it happen. There are also many who aren’t sure and are looking for ideas and expertise on how to create a space they can enjoy. Regardless of where your starting point is, it’s always very important for me to get to know you. Your likes and dislikes have to play a role in the design.

The only time you should be following a trend is if it’s a trend you truly like and enjoy. Using the color of the month is never a good idea if it’s not within your color pallet of enjoyment and taste. If there happens to be a trend and or color you want to add in for while, do it in accents you can easily change out when you grow tired of them.

There are many ways to incorporate family heirlooms and special memorabilia in a tasteful and compatible way. There are certain rooms better than others, to add accents and decor that are outside your normal box. This allows you to be creative without investing so much you feel tied to what you’ve done.

Updating and creating change within every space is important on many levels. Using the old with the new is wonderful, however letting things get run down, old and dingy is definitely not ok. Carpet should be changed and paint should be redone at the very least every 10 years, and that’s really pushing it. Enjoy your space, give your self permission to create and play, allowing your personality to express through your decor.

I love to work with my clients on interior design, getting to know you and updating in ways that enhance you home and your life.  Floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, furniture, decor, art,  paint and decorative paint and textures, call me today to schedule a consultation and estimate. 614-214-8574


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