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Interior Design Consultation has been one of my favorite services to offer. Most of my clients have an idea of what they would like, yet often are at a  loss for how to create it. When I consult, I usually do some if not most of the work as well, the difference being the client gives me a lot of input. I am there to find out what they want, guide them, and them come up with a plan to bring their vision into reality. Every client is an expert on what they like and don’t like. I have become an expert over the years, in ways assist you in manifesting your dream home and or office space. I love to take what you know about what you love and combine with my knowledge of where to get it, how to place it, where to place it, what colors will enhance it and what decor will accent it. It’s very gratifying to see the looks on clients faces as the work is completed and they’re looking at their vision in real time. Often the clients do part of the work themselves, as far as picking out some of the decor pieces being used. I can do as little or as much as you desire.

As far as interior design consultation, I am unique in that I do all of my own paining, faux finishing and installation. One stop shopping so to speak. It’s fun to make use of some of the old as we integrate new into the mix. Updating colors, upgrading furniture and or freshening up with new decor. Pillows and throws along with rugs can bring a breath of fresh air to old furniture and decor. Freshening up old furniture to go with a new color scheme is fun as well. You’d be surprised at what can be done.


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