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Spacial Arrangement Tips

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Create a beautiful room with spacial arrangement tips

Simple spacial arrangement tips make all the difference in the world.  The size of a room can be changed visually by the arrangement of the furnishings.  A small room appears much larger than it really is and a very large space is able to appear warm cozy and inviting. Like wise, with out this room knowledge, a small room can easily appear over crowded and cramped and a large space cold and cavernous. Where you place the large and small pieces, as well as the shapes of the furniture makes or breaks the of the design of the room.

For example, the largest piece on the smallest wall always makes the room appear larger. Placing a bed in the corner of the room and or horizontal to the wall creates an open space in the middle. Window walls can be bothersome, depending on how many windows as well as how low they are on the wall. room Strategically placing furniture appropriately on window walls allows for the maximum use of space. Here are more spacial arrangement tips. Placement of rugs can create a defined space in any room. The shape of the rug creates enhancements to the furniture being placed on it. Circular pieces in square spaces is aesthetically pleasing.

Properly dressing the room with decor adds the finishing touches to the appropriately placed furniture. Short decor on tall pieces and tall decor on shorter pieces. With all of the open concept homes these days, knowing how to divide a large space into multiple seating areas is important. In these large spaces, use furniture groupings and rugs to define multiple areas within a space.  These are a few of the spacial arrangement tips that can give you a livable, yet beautiful living space and or office space. Call to schedule an appointment with Susan Fay Newton for interior design and experience how spatial arrangement tips transform your home.

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